At Wave Media Group we are committed to helping businesses increase conversion from marketing. In 2020 we are faced with more advertising options than ever before; therefore our prospective customers are faced with more choices than ever before. Our “Ask the Expert” program will help your business gain new customers by building awareness and adding value to your brand. 

Every business has their own unique advertising strategy respectively. You create websites, social media pages, TV commercials, billboards, business cards, etc. You do this for one reason – to capture new customers. Let’s take a step back and look at what your message is to your customers. Does your advertising strategy discuss what you offer in your products & services? Hopefully it does, but that isn’t enough to get consumers to take action in 2020.

Let’s get your business on track to become the experts of your industry going forward. Our Ask the Expert program can make your brand a household name in 2020. 

Think Like A Customer

One of the worst mistakes businesses can make is spending a lot of their hard earned money on advertising where they talk about what they do for consumers. Remember, people already know what you do and what you offer. The next step is to build value in your products/services and create awareness so your customers will seek you out. Make yourself invaluable so people want to work with you!

Step 1

Take the product or service that your business provides and give consumers useful information that focuses on public interest. You want to create a video message where you can show users how your product or service works by demonstrating to them what it is that makes your service different. 

Example 1

We work with a plumber. We advised him to take his smart phone video camera and take 60 seconds to demonstrate how to shut off the water valve at the road in case they ever had a leak.

Results 1

Once the water valve shutoff video was published that plumber had an incredible surge of followers on social media which turned into a banner year in 2018 for service calls. 

Use A Container Instead of a Box

You know that old saying – “think outside the box”. A box gives you too small of a space of opportunity. Don’t just assume your prospective customers already know these tips and definitely don’t just trust your service or product will sell itself. People buy feelings not products/services.

Step 2

Think of the most common questions you get from your customers each week. Obviously people call each week asking about availability, hours, price, etc. What are some other questions that you get that you have to take a moment to explain? It’s almost so simple you could record it and put it in a video for people to see, that’s a good idea!!!

Example 2

We work with a dentist. He made a series of videos demonstrating how to brush & floss properly. He talked about gum disease as well as other health concerns he is asked a lot about giving his EXPERT opinion on these subjects.

Results 2

Who doesn’t know how to brush and floss, really? When his video content was launched there was an explosion of phone calls to his practice to make appointments. Consumers had watched his expert videos and decided that he was the dentist they wanted to use in the future.

4 Human Needs

People really don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care. Think of the last time you had bad service at a restaurant but the food was great. People buy feelings, not products. The 6 human needs are as followed:

1) Certainty – People have the need for certainty to avoid pain and hopefully have some pleasure. It’s a survival instinct.

2) Uncertainty – If you have total certainty all of the time life would be extremely boring. People love variety, differences and surprises (good surprises).

3) Significance – People want to feel unique, special and important. That’s why we buy that brand new car even though our current one works fine. Consumers will also spend more if they feel significant. 

4) Connection – Otherwise known as rapport. People like people who are like themselves. To prove it, think of someone you really like…Raise your hand if they are either like you or like how you want to be. Now think of someone you don’t like…Raise your hand if they are not like you or how you would like to be. 

Step 3

Make yourself a leader in your industry by studying your competition and consumer trends. Never settle. Never Rest. Keep Working! Always keep thinking of how you grasp that advantage and seize it. 

Example 3

We work with a flooring store. Their biggest competition is the big box store such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. They created a video message where they demonstrated the difference in their products and the big box store samples. They didn’t slander the box store; they simply educated their audience on what the difference was in the material and make-up of the products.

Results 3

This flooring store began to get its fair share of the local market. Once consumers realized that there was more to flooring than just a price tag they began to do more research before making their decision. Today this flooring company is doing very well.


Remember that consumers only know receive what you send out. If you market your business as just what it is you will blend in with your competitors and live in a price shopping tire kicking world going forward. Distinguish yourself as an expert and disempower your competition by reaching out to people with expert information about what you’re an expert on in your industry. 

Consumers don’t just care about price even though it seems that way. If you can demonstrate your value and broadcast it to the right audience in an awareness message you will reach more people and your conversion will go up. 

To learn more about our Ask the Expert 2020 Program contact us today for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you!!!


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